Duties and Responsibilities

Iğdır University Revolving Fund Management carries out the following activities, on condition that giving priority the applications that help education and training and without interrupting the main activities of the University.

a) To have scientific views, projects, researches and similar services to be demanded by public institutions and organizations other than higher education institutions and real and legal persons; preparing and implementing courses and in-service training programs, organizing seminars, conferences, symposiums,

b) To provide all kinds of consultancy, analysis, synthesis, maintenance and repair, business evaluation and organization related to the field of activity, to provide corporate reports and opinions and suggestions about them, to prepare business accounts and feasibility reports,

c) To organize reports, analyze and measure, prepare or implement projects on compliance of various goods and services produced by agricultural and industrial organizations with all kinds of standards,

d) Educational services in pedagogical formation, foreign language, computer software / hardware,

d) To organize courses in the areas that will be needed in order to enable individuals to adapt to the information society and actively participate in all phases of economic and social life so that they can better control their lives in this society and to prepare and implement projects in cooperation with national and international organizations,

e) In the context of activity areas; to produce business and service in proportion to physical capacity, to do all kinds of business and services by using information processing and computer technology, to duplicate books and all kind of printed documents, to make print, skin and printing works with electronic sorting and duplication systems,

f) To evaluate the existing physical capacity, to produce all kinds of goods and services limited to its fields of activity, to market the products to be obtained by obtaining the prior approval of the Rector, to open and sell places of sales,

g) Computer-aided design Production and training to produce programs with interactive video cassettes, to provide software support, to produce computerized microprocessor control systems and measuring instruments, to operate the television and radio broadcasting system established in the university, to prepare television and radio programs, to market educational programs for the national media, to conduct activities within the scope of distance education,

ğ) To operate facilities established to meet the needs of fuel oil and heating systems, limited to education, training and application.

h) Production of goods and services in the accommodation, food and beverage facilities to be established to improve the existing workforce and  to develop new applications and skills in the tourism sector.